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Dual WAN Router


It is important to understand what a WAN router is and what it can do for you, especially in these early days of wireless networks. Yes, we have to accept that wireless technology is still in its early days and there is still a long way to go. Just think about how often networks are down or slow and you will see my point. A dual WAN router helps in eliminating these problems.



Simply speaking, a dual WAN router will connect a computer to two different networks and will, usually, work with the faster connection at any time. To understand that, consider that you have two different network connections for your laptop, say A and B. You cannot exclusively rely on either of them. So, you use a dual WAN router.



The dual WAN router allows your computer to access the network through A as well as B. Now if A is down, the dual WAN router will route the network through B and the computer will still be connected. Similarly, if one of these connections is slower than the other, the router will try to connect to the other network which is faster at that time. So, not only does the computer always get connectivity, it also always gets good connectivity.


In days before dual WAN routers were invented, people could still have two port connections. But, if one of the connections was down, they needed to manually switch the connections. Also, there was no way of determining which connection was faster at a particular time.


From that point of view, the dual WAN router does an important service. It has made the switching-over process automatic so that the user does not even realize that one of the connections is down. Since the computer is always connected to the network, there is no connectivity problem for the user. 


Some people think that a dual WAN router could be actually used to bundle up both the port connections so that an aggregate higher bandwidth can be obtained. However, this is an erroneous notion. The router does not add up the bandwidths available, because it is not an aggregator.


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It is a router and so it only routes the network to the best connection available. This can be seen with any downloading software when a download is in process. When running single TCP streams, it is clearly apparent that only one wireless area network is being used at a time, showing that the router does not add up bandwidths to give an increased speed.  


Dual WAN routers are great additions to the family of devices that continues to make life much easier for us. With wireless networking still in its fledgling state, it is nice to have a device like the dual WAN router will can ensure that you will always stay connected, because it is very unlikely that the two networks you are using will be down at the same time.

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